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Artist Profile: Rana Begum

Anna Seaman
24 August 2023

One of the best ways to describe Rana Begum’s work is chameleonic. Naturally, this conjures images of the distinctive reptiles who have an ability to change their colour to match their environments. Begum’s sculptural work often does exactly this, responding to the space within which it sits. With a palette of bright colours and a clever use of geometry, Begum’s installations both align with the aesthetics of their chosen location and stand out, so as to engage, surprise and play with the viewer’s perception. And, if Begum is a chameleon, she is one that is at home in the urban sphere, taking inspiration and cues from industrial materials, shapes and jagged formations of cityscapes. Although, she does not always create at such large scale, Begum’s practice is embedded with elements of architecture, geometry and in the later years of her practice, almost always relies on bright colours.